CORDURA® Lite Fabric

CORDURA® Lite Fabric

A Smooth Fabric with Exceptional Strength

Light, Durable and Punches Above Its Weight

Woven Strength

CORDURA® Lite Fabric is woven with super high-tenacity (210D to 420D) nylon 6,6 filament yarns, utilizing airbag technology for a fabric that’s light yet incredibly strong and ideal for applications like technical packs.

Resistant and Repellent

CORDURA® Lite Fabric offers strong resistance against tears, abrasion and scuffs and is water-repellent, available in finished and coated options.

Shiny Luster

Made from 100% high-tenacity nylon 6,6 bright filament (100D to 1050D), CORDURA® Lite Fabric has a natural luster.

Multipurpose Fabric

Available in a variety of woven constructions (ripstop, basket, dobby), CORDURA® Lite Fabric is an ideal choice for day packs and messenger bags, luggage, accessories and to reinforcements in high-wear apparel areas.

macro photo of CORDURA® Lite Fabric

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CORDURA® Lite Fabric

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